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Yard Drainage

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Yard Drainage

Yard drainage is important to any property. Good drainage is important in keeping your yard dry, and the house is in great shape.
If your yard is not draining correctly, not to worry. It happens to multiple homeowners more often than you would think.
Wet spots and small puddles can quickly turn into swamps and muddy patches.
Luckily, there are many ways to remedy inadequate water evacuation.

How Do I Fix Bad Drainage in My Yard?

Before you learn about solving drainage issues, you should figure out the most common reasons you have bad yard drainage.

Yard slope

This is the most common reason why you have inadequate drainage. The slope or pitch of the yard does not divert enough water from the house or area.

•  Soil texture.

Heavy soil texture causes many drainage problems. Heavy clay soils become heavy and soggy when wet. This means that they retain water, causing flooding and muddy spots.

• Lack of water outlets.

Some yards also do not have enough outlets to drain the excess water away from the area. The excess water takes a while to seep into the soil, so you need to redirect it somewhere.

• Stuffy lawn.

If your yard is too cluttered, then you will face drainage problems. It could be anything from lawn furniture to dead moss and old grass clippings.

You can fix bad drainage with the following solutions:

• Install a drain.

You can quickly install a French drain if you have soil drainage issues. Install a French drain below the topsoil. It redirects excess water from the area.

• Make a rain garden.

If you have a water spot that won’t quit, consider constructing a rain garden. Rain gardens catch rainfall because they have water-loving plants. They will not solve the problem but will remedy muddy wet spots.

• Reduce watering.

Before you call in the professionals or construct anything, consider switching up your schedule. If you water your yard, consider reducing your watering schedule.

• Extend downspout.

And finally, you can extend the downspout away from the house. This is an excellent solution if the drainage problem is because of your gutter system

Call The Professionals!

Alternatively, you could leave all the hard work to professionals. You can hire a professional to install various drainage systems in your yard.
And it’s not as expensive as you would think. Depending on the type of drainage, it will cost $1000 to $9000 per 100 linear feet.
Other methods cost $50 to $5000 per inlet, drain, or basin.
On the other hand, professionals can adjust the slope of your yard through regrading. Re sloping or regrading the yard will greatly improve the flow of water on your property.
It is the perfect solution for people whose drainage problems start with the slope of the yard.
The cost of re-sloping a yard is between $100 and $4500. Most people end up spending $1500, but it all depends on the size of the yard.

We Can Help With Yard Drainage
If you have trouble with yard drainage, you can call us for the best services. We are qualified, skilled, and willing to help you get a beautiful mud-free yard.


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