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As an Excavation Contractor we are the one stop source for all your construction and land service needs. Piedmont Site Works operates within 50 miles of Lexington, NC. Contact us before our calendar fills up!

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Grading And Forestry Mulching In Lexington, NC

Are you ready to start your construction project in Lexington, NC? You need high-quality forestry mulching and land grading services. Land clearing is the first step in construction, followed by grading.

You need a good excavation and grading company in Lexington, NC, to provide forestry mulching and grading services.

Piedmont Site Works is a reliable excavation company with top-rated contractors and workers who get the job done right. We are your reliable company for all things construction.


Forestry Mulching, Lexington, NC

Forestry mulching is a safe and quick way to clear vegetation from the land before construction. If you have a space in Lexington, NC, with many trees and vegetation, you should call our professionals at Piedmont Site Works for forestry mulching services.

We use a high-quality mulcher with little impact on the ground, thus preserving the topsoil. Our expert will carefully and systematically remove the vegetation and trees, leaving an even layer of mulch on the ground to preserve the soil.


Land Grading Lexington, NC

Land grading ensures that the ground is smooth before construction. This affects the foundation and structural soundness of the entire building or road. That is why you must always leave it to the professionals.

Our grading contractor will first inspect the site and ensure your project is ideal for the space. Secondly, the contractor will get the permits needed for the project to start.

When grading begins, the grading contractor will remain diligent in ensuring work safety and overseeing the project.


Excavation Contractor

Our excavation contractor will oversee all the land preparation and landscape altering of your area throughout the project. You can rely on our contractor for a carefully-designed plan for the best and sturdiest results.

Our excavation contractor can assist in pool digging, yard drainage alterations, and other services. We are fast, reliable, and well-trained to handle all types of projects. Moreover, we have the ideal equipment to successfully execute all excavation projects in Lexington, NC.

Land Clearing

Besides forestry mulching, we specialize in other land clearing methods that benefit your unique situation. We offer bulldozing, pulling, plus pile and burn land clearing services. We are gentle on the soil for the best outcomes.

We are trained, with experience in various land clearing techniques. We will preserve your soil and prepare the land for the following stages of construction adequately. Call us the land clearing experts of Lexington, NC.

Forestry Mulching

If you have a lot of vegetation on your land and need fast clearing, then you need our experts at Piedmont Site Works, Lexington, NC. We offer forestry mulching services at an affordable price for large and small spaces.

Our mulchers have a low impact on the ground, so you can preserve the topsoil. We will leave no vegetation or holes and instead an even layer of mulch to preserve the soil. Our technicians are experts in using mulchers and have a lot of experience.

Erosion Control

At Piedmont Site Works, we also consider ourselves a soil erosion control company in addition to being an excavation contractor. We understand all the adverse effects of soil erosion on the land, including bad drainage and water pollution.

Our soil erosion control services seek to provide residential and commercial spaces in Lexington, NC, with sustainable solutions. We input corrective and control measures on your property to prevent soil erosion. Through this, you remain compliant with property regulations and keep your land looking great.

Yard Drainage

Yard drainage is important for multiple reasons. First, it ensures that you do not have water pooling in some part of your yard, attracting mosquitoes, pests, and bad smells. Additionally, it ensures that your vegetation gets enough water and evenly.

We specialize in practical yard drainage. We can ensure you get the best drainage for your space, whatever your drainage problem. We serve residential and commercial areas in Lexington, NC, so do not hesitate to call.


Retention Pond Repair and Maintenance

And finally, we offer retention pond repair and maintenance in addition to our excavation contractor services. If you have an artificial lake that catches water, then you need regular maintenance to prevent leaking and keep it clean.

We offer retention pond maintenance and repair services to residents of Lexington, NC, at an affordable price. Through our pond contractor, we control weed growth, the effects of soil erosion, and prevent pollution. We are also the ‘pond builders near me.’.


What is a grading contractor?

A grading contractor is a professional in the construction industry. This type of contactor operates a machine known as a grader.
The grader is a piece of equipment that flattens and smoothens the surface of the land. The purpose of this activity is to create a flat surface for construction or road.
Grading contractors also need skills and knowledge to flatten land adequately. They need to survey the land, inspect land angles, and create grading plans.
Additionally, they have to know how to flatten and smoothen based on the project at hand. Always pick the one with significant experience and training..

Is forestry mulching worth it?

Yes, it is! Many professionals will tell you that forestry mulching is an excellent land clearing method that beats others.
For starters, it is more cost-effective than bulldozing and other forms of land clearing. It calls for a single piece of equipment and an employee.
The employee will often complete the task, saving you money in renting equipment and hiring more staff.
Additionally, forestry mulching protects and nourishes the soil. The process leaves the property with a layer of mulch.
The mulch prevents soil erosion and helps the soil retain moisture. When it decomposes, it nourishes the soil.

How do I fix bad drainage in my yard?

There are many ways that you can fix bad drainage in your yard. It depends on the problem and what you have access to.
You can first reduce your watering schedule. If you often water your lawn, reduce the frequency and see if drainage improves.
Next, you can construct a rain garden. A rain garden consists of water-loving plants such as ferns. This works well for spots that catch runoff and stormwater.
Consider installing a French drain if you have problems that you cannot fix with surface-level solutions. They disperse and redirect water.

What is the best erosion control practice?

The best soil erosion control practices are three. First, you need to reduce the velocity of runoff.
Runoff washes away topsoil. And the faster it moves, the greater the force to carry more topsoil.
You can reduce the velocity of runoff by practicing surface roughening, such as spreading wood chips.
Next, you should use mulch on your land to control soil erosion. Mulch provides a protective cover on your land.
It prevents the movement of soil by rain, runoff, or wind effectively. Mulch also nourishes the soil when it decomposes.
And finally, you can use erosion blankets to prevent soil erosion. Erosion blankets are biodegradable mats that hold the soil down.

What is the best way to clear land?

There are many land clearing methods. The best one depends on your budget and the size of the property.
However, we stick by forestry mulching for several reasons. First, it is cost-effective compared to other methods.
The method calls for one machine and one person to operate the machine. This saves you costs of hiring more workers and equipment.
Additionally, the process leaves the land with a layer of mulch. The mulch will protect the soil from erosion and dehydration.
This preserves your topsoil until you can begin construction. The mulch also nourishes the soil.

Do retention ponds need maintenance?

Yes, they do! Retention ponds attract a lot of vegetation around the edges.
Therefore, you will be dealing with overgrowth that makes the pond unsightly and hinders performance.
You need constant maintenance to prevent this from happening.
In addition, runoff can bring garbage and other contaminants into the ponds. You need to clear out the trash and pollutants.
Maintenance will keep the pond functioning. Additionally, it will make it look clean and attractive.


Undeveloped sites are naturally unleveled. If you do not want the sloppy look for aesthetics, you need to land leveling before construction.
That is where grading comes into the picture.

What is Grading?

Grading is an activity that sees the manipulation of the slope or shape of an area. The purpose of grading is to prepare for new construction.

What Happens in Grading?

It happens after land clearing. Before any grading happens, the site preparation contractor will survey the area to determine the various shapes of the land.
The excavating contractor will then create a sustainable plan to level the ground. After this, workers use various equipment to make adjustments to the terrain.
Excavator equipment moves the heavy rocks and debris. Meanwhile, graders create smooth flat edges.

What is Grading Used For?

Site grading is also necessary to improve the drainage of an area. If you have poor yard drainage, you may get grading services to remedy this.
Additionally, you can use site grading to improve the environmental design of an area.
Precise environmental grading provides the perfect landscaping for botanical gardens, water features, and more.
It ensures that visitors get access to the various attractions for the optimal experience. You will commonly see this in neighborhoods, parks, industrial parks, and industrial areas.

Call Us for Grading

Poor grading could lead to regular flooding of an area. This will cause maintenance problems and poor structural stability after construction.
For this reason, you need a professional grading company for these activities.
We can provide you with reliable grading services.

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