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Forestry Mulching for North Carolina

If you have land that needs clearing, then you have undoubtedly come across forestry mulching. It is a land clearing method that has benefited many people.

It could be the method that will work best for you. This is because it has many benefits and few disadvantages.

But you do not have to make the decision just yet. Keep scrolling to learn more about forestry mulching.

What is Forestry Mulching?

It is a land clearing method that uses a single machine, forestry mulchers, to clear a property of trees, shrubs, and other vegetation. [1].

The forestry mulchers cut and grind the vegetation and leaves a layer of mulch on the land.

The action needs one machine and a single operator. It is, therefore, a cost-effective way to maintain habitats while making your land useable.

Some of the uses of forestry mulching are:

● Land clearing.

Forestry mulching is ideal for residential and commercial property clearing. It helps prepare the site prep for construction by clearing trees, bushes, shrubs, and other vegetation.

● Pathway clearing.

Forestry mulching is a great way to clear roads and pathways of unwanted vegetation. It can also clear pipelines and other utility lines. Also by leaving a layer of mulch on the path it helps to prevent soil erosion!

● Invasive plants control.

Forestry mulching is also ideal for dealing with invasive plant species. Some plants can invade an ecosystem, using too much groundwater and nutrients that other life struggles to survive. Mulching invasive species can rid the area of these invasive species and bring balance to the ecosystem. The same goes for invasive insects that live and feed off trees. Forestry mulching can remove affected trees, significantly reducing the population of the insects. This allows the forest to thrive and rids the area of the invasive plants and other species.

● Wildfire prevention and management.

Proactive mulching eliminates small leafy plants, fallen and rotten trees. These often act as fuel sources for wildfires. By eliminating them, you reduce the potential of wildfires. Reactive forestry mulching cuts lines on active fires. This leaves minimal cleanup and reduces the effects of a wildfire. And finally, forestry mulching is ideal for cleanup after a wildfire. It removes damaged trees. The activity provides the soil’s top layer with mulch to prevent erosion and nourish the soil.

● Habitat conservation.

Forestry mulching is also popular among conservationists and shelter protection organizations. Private landowners also use mulching to protect the natural habitats of animals. A forestry mulcher removes invasive species to promote rejuvenation of grass and other food sources for animals. It also gives animals space to make habitats. Finally, forestry mulching restores water sources for animals. This makes it an ideal method to use for public land clearing mulching.

Wood chipper that is used in combination with forestry mulching machine during land clearing in high point nc
Stationary forestry mulching machine used to create mulch from tree trimmings
Tree being placed into wood chipper instead of mulched by forestry mulching attachment in north carolina

What Type of Forest Mulching Machines are required?

Forestry mulching uses equipment known as forestry mulchers. Mulchers, also known as Masticators or Brushcutters, are what experts use.
Forestry mulching machines chop and grind the vegetation and leave the small particles on the land as mulch.

The forest mulching machines use a rotary drum with steel teeth or blades that shed the vegetation. The machines are application-specific tractors with mulching attachments.

The most common forestry mulching machines are the skid steer, or bobcat. It is a small construction vehicle that can perform various tasks. It has tracks on each side, locked in sync with each other. Each has its engine, so you have to steer each side independently.

Skid steer mulching attachments come in two forms.

● Drum mulchers.

They offer high-quality mulching. These tracked mulching machines can grind down below the ground level and provide stump removal elimination. Drum mulchers leave a very fine mulch that you can even sell or if left on the ground can provide an erosion barrier. The attachment is often broad, so they are capable of processing trees and vegetation in one go. Drum mulching heads come in three types; smooth, paddle, and depth control. Smooth drum mulchers are the most popular.

● Disc mulchers.

They are ideal for clearing out dense unwanted vegetation. They are faster than drum mulchers. They also grind stumps but not as finely as drum mulchers. However, the cut and feed process is more rapid with a disc mulching head. Therefore, if you have a large field with lots of vegetation, the disc style forest mulching machine is ideal for you. A disc mulcher will still provide an erosion barrier from the mulch that remains on the ground.

The appropriate type of forest mulching equipment you select is highly dependent on the vegetation and terrain of the forest. It is important to note that mulchers cannot process rocks or boulders. Grinding stones and boulders will damage the teeth of the mulcher.

Mulch left on ground after forestry mulching in greensboro nc
Wooded area in winston salem nc that needs a forestry mulching machine to clear the area
forest mulch with moss and dry twigs that is left after forestry mulching machine has come through in lexington nc

What are the Advantages of Forestry Mulching vs. traditional land clearing methods?

Some of the benefits of choosing forestry mulching when compared to traditional land clearing methods include:

●     It prevents soil erosion and keeps soil structure intact.

Mulchers can clear the land of all the vegetation and trees without disturbing the soil too much. In contrast to other methods, forestry mulching will leave the soil structure intact. When the soil is left bare, as is the case with other methods, rain and wind can erode the top later. Erosion will leave your land with multiple issues such as poor drainage and insufficient nutrition. It can also come with the additional cost of adding silt fencing to your property. Through mulching trees, the soil will receive a layer of mulch. This mulch protects the top layer from the effects of wind, rain, and other elements.

●     It is versatile.

If you are worried that your property is too sloppy or muddy for a forestry mulcher, think again. This convenient land clearing method uses a mulcher that can clear the land of any terrain. Some mulchers can operate in tight spaces, steep slopes, and more. Therefore, it is perfect for all types of land and soil structure.

●     It reduces damage to the landscape.

One of the benefits of forest mulching is that it is selective and careful. This means that the landscape sustains less damage after going through this zero waste management method. In other methods of clearing land, the landscape sustains damage. This is because the technique clears even what does not need clearing. However, a forestry mulcher is careful, precise, selective, and keeps the soil structure intact. It will only remove what needs clearing. The contractor can select specific areas and vegetation not to clear. It will help you retain some of the features you find attractive. Additionally, since every tree or shrub receives mulching at its spot, there is no need for heavy equipment. This means less impact on the grounds. This and other reasons are why there are few disadvantages of forestry mulching.

●     It improves the soil long-term.

If you want to clear land and retain the nutritional value of the soil for agriculture, then you should pick forestry mulching. This process does not disturb the soil structure too much. This way, it retains and in some cases improves its soil fertility. Additionally, since mulching leaves the ground with a layer of mulch, the soil will improve with time. The removal of standing trees can also control pest breeding, decrease the fire hazard, improve soil fertility, and restore the area to its natural habitat. The mulch layer will decompose after some time. This will release nutrients into the soil, improving fertility and ph.

● It reduces waste.

Next, using forestry mulching will reduce waste significantly. This process clears our trees and vegetation, then grinds them down into mulch for the land and sale. Other methods would have cut the trees and vegetation, promoting waste. With this method, there is significantly less waste. Instead, the soil structure receives nourishment.

● It is cost-efficient.

If you want to save money, then consider using forestry mulching to clear your land. By being a selective method of clearing land it is a great way to remove smaller trees, dying trees, unwanted trees, while leaving neighboring healthy trees. Compared to traditional methods of clearing brush skid steer tractors equipped with a mulching head uses only one machine and an operator. This saves you money in the cost of hiring more machines and operators.

● It is fast.

Forestry mulching is a quick and easy process. Site prep is minimal, and the technician won’t spend too much time on the land, especially if you need to access steep slopes. Your property will have a mulch cover in no time. Additionally, mulching is not easily affected by variations in weather. It can happen in hot, cold, wet, or dry weather.

Land that has been cleared by forestry mulching in High Point NC
skid steer with forestry mulching attachment preparing to clear land by mulching trees
land cleared through selective forestry mulching in high point nc

Who Benefits from Forestry Mulching?

●     Farms and private land.  

Farms and private land will need land clearing for various purposes. You could clear land to make space for new structures and features or to remove rotten trees.
Additionally, you could make space for new crops or plantations. Whatever the reason, farm and private land wonders will benefit from this method of removing vegetation from the land.
It will keep the soil healthy so you can plant and even get nutrition for your vegetation, while also eliminating invasive plant species. Additionally, it will prevent erosion if you don’t plan on using the space immediately.
Best of all, it ensures that the soil remains healthy, even with nourishment sustenance for the next few weeks. This is crucial in residential projects where you want to maintain the look of a neighborhood.

● Parks and gardens.

In addition to residential land clearing projects, Public parks and gardens often need maintenance, such as clearing tree removal trails, or eliminating small leafy plants. There can be an overgrowth of vegetation, that cannot be removed with traditional methods of lawn mowing alone, which could hinder visitors’ experiences.
Therefore, using a forestry mulcher helps to control overgrowth without hindering the appearance of the park or garden.
Additionally, some gardens and public parks may need clearing to make space for new structures. This calls for use of lawn tractor mulchers for mulching forestry. As one of the more portable mulching units it is great for parks to use for invasive species control while leaving desirable vegetation.
Not only is this method quick, but it will do minor damage to the surrounding areas. This means that people can easily visit and access most of the park.

● Business and commercial properties.

Many business and commercial properties such as golf courses, country clubs, and outdoor eateries will need forestry mulching for processing trees.
First, it helps to control overgrowth and invasive species. Often, these properties have pathways and roads that require consistent maintenance for access.
Forestry mulching can help with this, to give visitors a good experience.
Additionally, forestry mulching can help with making space for new buildings and structures within the property.
You can clear some of the vegetation to make space for an expansion, new pool house, new course, and more.
Mulching keeps the soil healthy and the grounds looking neat. It is the ideal clearing method for these purposes.

How Much Does Forestry Mulching Cost per Acre?


  • It depends on the density of vegitation and characteristics of the lot

Just because forestry mulching does not require a lot of equipment does not mean that you can do it.
Clearing land is tiresome and dangerous. It requires trained professionals to see desirable results.
You can put yourself and others in danger by mulching forestry without the proper training, as this is not your typical yard clearing equipment. There are many time consuming steps involved in the complete removal of vegetation on your property.
Instead, consider hiring a professional to perform mulching for you. And if you are worried about the price, keep reading to gain insight.
As you can already predict, forestry mulching is cheaper compared to other methods.
This is because the method has one machine and operators. Additionally, there are no hauling costs since the vegetation undergoes grinding.
The cost depends on various variables. First, it depends on how much land you need to clear. It also depends on the density of the vegetation on the property.
Finally, the total cost depends on the forestry mulching company you hire.
The average cost of forestry mulching per acre is $400. This price could be higher or lower depending on the size of the property, vegetation density, plus company prices.
Many clients spend between $1,500 and $6,700 to clear land for new buildings, which is still cheaper than traditional land clearing.

How Forestry Mulching Works


As mentioned before, forestry mulchers are mounted on various vehicles such as dozers, skid steers, excavators, and tractors.
Mulching does not happen randomly. Before the activity can begin, a contractor has to make a plan for where to use his forestry mulchers and what desirable vegetation needs to be left untouched on the property.
The plan covers how much ground the client needs mulching. It also covers the most sustainable route for fast action and good results.
Once this is covered, the contractor will set a date. The operator and vehicle will arrive the day of at the agreed time.
An operator will drive the vehicle in the determined plan. This plan ensures that the operator only mulches the areas assigned.
Additionally, it ensures a smooth transition from forested to clear land.
The forestry mulchers will often cut trees and vegetation and grind them into fine particles as it moves along. This ensures that the job completes as the operator moves from one location to another.
Different forestry mulchers have different motor power. This affects the speed and functionality of the machine.
Additionally, some have stronger blades than others. This, too, affects the speed and the fineness of the particles.
The trees, shrubs, vegetation, and weeds often go through the machine and end up as mulch.
Operators can clear one to four aces per day with a mulcher.

Final Thought

Forestry mulcher is an affordable and environmentally-friendly land clearing method. If you have a property that needs clearing, you best choose this method. Some may question if there are disadvantages of forestry mulching and for that we have found very few!
It will protect the topsoil on your property, ensuring that the land retains a natural look and nourishment.

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