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Excavating Contractor

If you are ready for a construction project, then you will need the help of a contractor. And it has to be an excavating contractor. Excavation contractors set sail on the ship that is a new construction.
They create a construction project’s site by turning a forest or abandoned building into a construction site.
For this reason, you work with experienced excavation contractors. This way, they can effectively deal with a variety of problems that may arise.
Excavation contractors offer a variety of services that make construction possible. It is more than digging through the dirt.
To fully understand the scope of their services, keep reading. You will also get insightful information on any questions you may have about the excavation.

What Is A Grading Contractor?

A grading contractor is a person who operates a heavy piece of machinery known as a grader. A grader is a machine that smoothens and flattens a surface. It creates the foundation for new construction or road. It is an integral part of every construction project because you need a level foundation [1].

Therefore, selecting a good grading contractor is vital to your project. When you choose one, look for:

• Experience.

Grading is a dirty job—more than that, it is dangerous to operate the equipment. Therefore, you need to find someone with relevant experience to operate the machines. Ensure that your contractor has proof of experience.

• Excellent reviews.

If you can find reviews online, use them to make your decision. You can even ask friends or family about the contractor is then have used their services.

• Licenses and insurance.

Always ask about licensing when vetting grading contractors. The contractors need licenses to carry out any work. Additionally, ensure that the company provides the contractors with insurance. It should cover any injuries while on the job. Furthermore, it should cover the cost of repairs if they accidentally damage anything.

• Competitive prices.

And finally, ensure that you get competitive prices for the service you sign up for. If the quote is weirdly low, then you may need to reevaluate. If it’s too high, you should consider other options. Ensure that prices are in line with industry standards.

photo of bulldozer and skid steer ready for excavation work in high point nc

What Do You Need For Excavation?

There are a few things you need for excavation. You need to have the right tools for it to be successful.
First, you need trained professionals. If you want your project to run smoothly, you must take on trained and experienced professionals.
Ensure that the technicians have the necessary training, skills, experience, and licenses to help you with the job. Additionally, check for insurance.
Next, you need various equipment, depending on the type of excavation project. Luckily, good companies come with equipment.

Still, it is always good to check for the most common such as:

• Bulldozer.

It is the most common tool of construction. The bulldozer is hard to miss as it is powerful, heavy, has a flat blade in the front, and does most of the work.

• Excavator.

This is a machine primarily associated with excavation projects. It is a machine with a long bucket arm attached to a cab. An excavator is also a great tool for  retention pond repair and maintenance!


Trenches come in various sizes with different capabilities. However, trenchers take the excavated material and move it to an area next to the trench.

• Backhoe loader.

These types of equipment have an adjustable shovel in the front. They also have a bucket in the back. It moves on tires, making it perfect for urban areas.

What Does an Excavating Contractor Do?

Excavator companies do a variety of things. You can hire an excavation company for services such as:

Land clearing.

Excavator companies clear the land of trees, boulders, and other features. It improves the appearance of the land and makes it ready for construction.

• Site preparation.

Excavator companies prepare a site by clearing it of small rocks, branches, and other types of debris. They will adequately make the land ready for construction.

• Grading a site.

Site grading is making sure that the land is sloped or angled. It protects the construction from soil erosion and landslides.

• Eco-friendly clearing.

And finally, an excavator company can clear the land to preserve some natural features such as trees and vegetation. It saves the land from being excessively dry.

What Is The Difference Between Excavation And Grading?

Excavation is digging and removing debris on land to get it ready for construction. The excavation contractors will dig according to the specification of the construction.
They will remove debris, vegetation, stumps, and boulders. Excavator contractors do their work during the first stages of construction.
Additionally, they use heavy machinery.
On the other hand, grading is the ground leveling to make it ideal for the foundation layout. The contractor smoothens the ground by pushing topsoil around the area.
Grading contractors come in during the later stages of construction. They level the ground and make the area aesthetically pleasing. Grading contractors also use heavy equipment for this work.
Grading is important; first, go for water drainage. If the construction site does not receive proper grading, the water will not drain well from the property.
Land grading also ensures that you get a proper solid foundation for your construction. This will prevent problems in the future.
Both grading and excavation call for a professional. It is imperative for the success of the construction project.
It is even better if you can find one company to excavate and grade your construction site.

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We at Piedmont Site Works uphold service to all our clients. Our guarantee is the best site excavation services.
We invest time to stay up to date with new methods of doing our work. This way, you get access to the newest and most convenient methods.
Additionally, we invest in the latest technology to ensure that we have the best machines and equipment to complete each task quickly.
All our contractors and technicians are skilled with adequate experience. Therefore, you can remain confident in our services.
Therefore, the next time you need excavation services, think of us to make your experience memorable and stress-free.

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