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If you are looking for excavating contractors to help you with your construction projects in Lexington, NC, you are in the right place. You need a contractor company with the necessary skill, equipment, and experience that will pay close attention to the details of your project.

Piedmont Site Works is the right pair of hands and specialties for you. Our company values the safety and the quality of work that we provide to give the best results.

Who is an Excavating Contractor?

Excavating contractors specialize in earthmoving activities like digging up the dirt and other materials for various purposes.

Excavation is one of the initial physical phases of any construction project, from clearing the site to digging the foundation and making trenches for utility lines. Excavation contractors ensure the landscape, and the site is shifted, graded, and prepared according to architectural and engineering standards.

Contractors use their machines to dig up dirt, rocks, and other materials. You can call them to residential communities and commercial sites for construction projects or dig-out driveways.

In addition, excavating contractor companies collaborate with several contractors to complete specific jobs to keep the site preparation on track.

What Is A Grading Contractor?

The most common type of excavating contractor is a grading contractor. Grading is removing surplus soil, pebbles, and other barriers from the property to define the project space better.

A grading contractor usually grades the land to be flat and level. The contractors will often use heavy machinery like motor graders to move large amounts of soil quickly and efficiently.

Piedmont Site Works employs trained expert grading contractors who deliver high-quality service at a reasonable cost in Lexington, NC.

How Should You Choose The Right Excavation Contractor?

• Experience

Experience plays a huge role when trying to get things done right. The integrity of your project starts from its foundation and finding the excavation contractor will do precisely that.

You need a company with the right experience to understand your project scope. Likewise, they also need to maintain maximum operational safety and deliver their service efficiently.

• License and Insurance

Any contractor you choose in North Carolina should have an operating license. You need the assurance that they use safe workplace techniques at the core of every project.

Furthermore, the excavating company must show proof of commercial liability insurance. This guarantees the deliverance of quality service for each project.

• Competitive Prices

Construction projects are already bank-breaking by themselves. Finding the right excavation contractor to reduce the financial burden will always work to your advantage.

Ensure to get a contractor that offers a competitive price for their services while also maintaining a high quality of work.

• Excellent Performance Record

Backed up by experience should be the company’s performance record. It would help if you found a Lexington contractor with a track record of quality assurance and delivery for all projects.

A good reputation ensures that they have the right tools and expertise to tackle any project challenge you throw at them.

Soil Erosion Control in high point nc
Silt Fence Around Retention Pond for erosion control in high point nc
Slope erosion control with grids and earth on steep slope in high point nc

What Does an Excavating Contractor Do?

Excavating contractors are often hired to do large-scale excavation work. Let us look at some of the responsibilities of an excavating contractor.

Site Preparation

An excavation contractor begins work on a project after the surveying crew has established the structure and lot boundaries.

Site preparation is necessary because it offers information on soil density, which indicates how effectively the site will support the load of any structure placed on it. In addition, it also determines the soil’s moisture absorption rate.

The contractor digs down to the needed depth for the new foundation and uses compaction testing and equipment to guarantee that the soil is firm for the project’s foundation.

Moving Dirt and Rocks

Excavation contractors provide earthmoving services to help project managers get their next project off to a solid start.

The contractor imports, modifies, and repairs the soil for your project by excavating, grading, trenching, and compacting the soil. In addition, excavating companies create terraced drainage for dams or agricultural farms.


Contractors grade the land for any landscape installations. Grading the soil prepares the site to lay firm foundations and road construction.

Grading lowers the risk of landslides and soil erosion by creating a proper drainage system for your project.


Finally, excavation contractors are also responsible for moving trees, grass, and shrubs in and around your construction site. Land clearing is fundamental for any landscaping designer or architect to improve the street, sidewalk, or driveway layout.

What Equipment Is Used To Excavate?

When it comes to excavation, your residential or commercial project is on the line. It is vital to have a contractor with the right excavating equipment.

With the proper experience and equipment, you are guaranteed your project’s best quality and performance.

However, the scope of work and the construction location determines the excavation equipment utilized in a project.

Here are some of the equipment to look out for during an excavation:


Contractors use this equipment to excavate and load all types of earth into a bucket. The long bucket arm can spin 360 degrees and is mounted to a cab. The contractors use the excavator during demolition, trench digging, snow and forestry removal, and lifting heavy objects and pipes.


The bulldozer is one of the most commonly used tools in construction. The blades are linked to the tractor’s front end. The blades often push massive piles of soil or break up large boulders.

Backhoe Loader

The backhoe is a hydraulic excavator vehicle with a bucket mounted on a hydraulically operated boom and stick. This machine is ideal for transporting soil off-site.

Motor Grader

The grader is used to level and complete earthwork. They are commonly employed to change the land’s slope and shape and also improve soil density.

Piedmont Site Works Excavation Services

Piedmont Site Works offers excavation services to Lexington, North Carolina, residents, providing quality services for any construction site. We also serve surrounding communities.

Give your project the necessary footing required to build a strong foundation. Do not hesitate to get in touch. We have affordable prices to meet limited budgets.

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