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Soil erosion is common in urban areas. Plants and grasslands help to hold the soil in place.[1] Therefore, when you clear the area of vegetation,
it makes the soil prone to erosion.
With this in mind, it makes sense that urban areas suffer from soil erosion. The loss of vegetation due to construction and even neglect make the areas prone to soil erosion.
Soil erosion causes problems such as poor drainage and water pollution. You could be a victim of soil erosion in your backyard.
Luckily, there are many solutions to erosion, including professional help.
We are a soil erosion control company proudly offering erosion control services to residential and commercial property clients.
Our skills are reliable. We use the best technology and always come up with creative solutions for various problems.
Piedmont Site Works are experts in the field, so you can trust us.

What Does An Erosion Company Do?

A soil erosion company seeks to install correct erosion control materials on a property. These materials stop or control soil erosion in the area.
A soil erosion control company also offers site services to help you comply with property regulations.

We are a soil erosion company that offers services such as:.

• Slope matting.

We use natural and synthetic mats to support plant growth and reinforce soil in slope areas. The mats support the vegetation until it takes roots. We often use biodegradable mats so they can degrade into the soil after they serve their purpose.

• Silt fencing.

A silt fence is a sediment (loose soil)control device. We use this temporary fence to protect the water quality in nearby water bodies from loose soil. We often use this in slope areas and areas prone to stormwater runoff.

• Hydroseeding.

This is a genius method we use to stop soil erosion in its tracks. We mix slurry (a mixture of seed, mulch, water, fertilizer, and soil amendments) in a hydroseeder tank then apply it to the surface. We use high pressure to promote quick germination. It could spout a new lawn in just a couple of weeks and stop soil erosion. We consider this one of the best erosion control practices.

• Straw Blowing.

And finally, we use a straw blower to spread straw in areas with no vegetation. Bare soil is prone to eroding, especially after rain. The straw-blowing technique creates a barrier against soil erosion and an opportunity for vegetation growth.

Soil Erosion Control in high point nc
Silt Fence Around Retention Pond for erosion control in high point nc
Slope erosion control with grids and earth on steep slope in high point nc

How Much Does It Cost To Stop Erosion?

Considering all the adverse effects of soil erosion, you should be willing to invest in stopping it.
The cost of stopping soil erosion varies depending on your location, size of the property, area conditions, and even the method you choose.
The average cost to install control material is between $1.06 and $4.82 per square foot, including material and labor.
Therefore, you can expect to spend between $550 and $2500 for a 500 square foot project.
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