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Erosion is a natural process that affects all soils. However, it can be a significant problem in many cases and cause substantial damage to private property and public infrastructure in Lexington, NC.

Erosion control should be one of the factors to consider in your project plan because it offers practical and simple techniques to prevent erosion. Plus, correcting erosion after construction is more costly and harder to manage.

Once your crew has cleared vegetation and obstacles to make space for construction or farming, the site becomes prone to erosion.

Any uncontrolled project site can undergo substantial erosion, resulting in various issues such as floods from clogged storm drains, silt loading of natural streams, and loss of structural integrity.

Fortunately, our erosion control company has your back.

Piedmont Site Works is a company that offers erosion remedial design and soil erosion control services in Lexington, NC. We are committed to protecting our environment by preventing soil erosion and flooding.

Why Is It Important to Control Erosion on Construction Sites?

Erosion can have adverse effects on the soil. As the topsoil is swept away by water, it loses its ability to hold nutrients, gets polluted, and also loses its ability to hold water.

Pollutant materials can also get into the water. If the water finds its way into the lakes or rivers, it affects the environment leading to ecological damage.

In addition, erosion can lead to slope instability. In the worst situation, this might cause landslides.

You must reduce these effects of soil erosion and runoff on the environment. Legal authorities require constructors and architects to use temporary erosion control techniques to minimize the impact of erosion.

Thankfully, you can implement the best strategies to control erosion by choosing the right company.

What Is A Soil Erosion Company?

The main focus of a soil erosion control company is preventing soil erosion, leading to landslides or flooding. It also ensures that you comply with the necessary environmental regulations.

The company uses erosion control measures to reduce a site’s increased vulnerability to erosion due to landscaping and construction activities.

However, traditional erosion control strategies may not be as effective. And finding an affordable erosion control company can be tricky if you do not know where to look. Luckily, Piedmont Site Works has your back!

Why Use Our Erosion Control Services?

With years of experience, Piedmont Site Work offers affordable solutions guaranteed to give you a lasting erosion solution. We design and install different erosion control techniques to ensure proper drainage and soil conservation from landscaping to construction.

We offer suggestions for preventing erosion around residential, business, urban areas, construction, and agricultural property. Our qualified experts use the latest equipment, providing the best soil conservation service.

Through rigorous testing, we analyze your landscape to determine which creative techniques to use to prevent erosion. This comes in handy when dealing with runoff and drainage issues in both urban and rural environments in Lexington, NC.

In addition, we also help select proper materials to use in erosion control for different situations. This ensures that you save up a few extra bucks to conserve your environment.

What Soil Erosion Services Do We Offer?

There are different soil erosion control techniques that we employ. All the methods we use are environmentally friendly and help preserve the natural soil.

Our experts might also consider combining several techniques in some cases. But it depends on the location of your site and the scope of work.

• Hydroseeding

Hydroseeding, also known as hydraulic mulch seeding or hydro-mulching, is a seed and mulch slurry-based planting method. The slurry often has other ingredients, including green dye, fertilizers, and other additives. The slurry is sprayed in a layer across the specified area.

Hydroseeding is an excellent approach to encourage rapid seed germination while also preventing soil erosion.

• Silt Fence

Silt fences are made of poles and a porous fabric. They assist in safeguarding the watershed and infrastructure by keeping sediment runoff contained.

Silt fences are popular on construction sites because of their inexpensive cost and straightforward design. However, due to design, installation, and maintenance issues, their efficiency in managing silt is frequently restricted.

• Slope Matting

Erosion control mats, also called soil retention blankets, stabilize and protect disturbed soil from surface erosion and raindrop impact. They are also designed to encourage plant growth around the construction site.

It may be used on any construction site and is cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Biodegradable and synthetic geotextile mats are some of the favored materials we use.

• Straw Wattles

Straw wattles are helpful tools for adequate runoff and sediment control. Wattles are long logs packed with straw or wood chips made of biodegradable fabric. They are adequately effective in runoff and sediment control.

In addition to filtering silt and other runoff, they help slow, disperse, and allow water to sink. This maintains the soils in place, keeps the earth solid, and protects the soil from rain and flood erosion.

• Inlet Filters

Storm water picks up pollutants like sediment, trash, oils, gasoline, asphalt degreasers, sealers, concrete chemicals, and paints as it flows over construction sites.

Inlet filters introduce filters to sewage and wastewater inlets to prevent pollutants from slipping into the system. This helps reduce the burden of environmental pollution and water treatment.


One of the oldest and most effective erosion control techniques is using large stones. The stones are placed near watersheds like rivers to slow down water as it gets into the stream.

The barrier also acts as a massive filter. It holds in any soil sediments and prevents larger materials swept by the runoff water from entering the water source.

Furthermore, meshing the stones and rocks together stabilizes the slope near the watershed. This reduces the chances of landslides.

Soil Erosion Control in high point nc
Silt Fence Around Retention Pond for erosion control in high point nc
Slope erosion control with grids and earth on steep slope in high point nc

Erosion Control For Your Construction Site

Many construction sites are concerned about soil erosion since it can have long-term ecological consequences. If you are looking for a way to reduce your erosion print, do not hesitate to give us a call. Our qualified Lexington, NC, team is ready to answer any questions about the issue.

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