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Concrete Preparation

Offering concrete preparation services for the Piedmont-Traid area of North Carolina

What We Do Best

Here at Piedmont Site Works, our specialty is construction site preparations, maintenance, and clean up. We also do minor hauling of materials such as dirt, gravel, and mulch. One of the things we’re best at is concrete prep. Whether you need a foundation built or a driveway installed, we’re here to prep the site for concrete pouring.

Who We Work With

Are you a homeowner that wants to do a DIY project? Or maybe you’re a contractor about to start your next project. If you’re a contractor, you may know the importance of proper preparation. Piedmont Site Works offers the services you need to make your construction project run smoothly from the get-go. No matter if this is your first project or your 50th project, we are here to help.

About this Process

A solid foundation is critical for any process and when you are pouring concrete the preparation of the ground beneath is vital to having a long lasting cement surface.

Concrete prep works like this:

  • First, we’ll dig the ground the to proper depth
  • Smooth the ground with a rake
  • Tamp the ground to pack the soil
  • Pour small gravel for additional drainage
  • Tamp the gravel down

The process may sound easy explained like this, but it takes an expert to know how to use the tools properly and how deep to dig into the ground. Plus, drainage is incredibly important when you prep for concrete pouring. 

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